MOTÖRHEAD – The Löst Tapes: The Collection (Vol. 1-5)

Cassette tapes! Remember them? Double spools and that a thin brown plastic tape that would occasionally loosen and dangle (or break!), requiring a pencil and a strong wrist to rewind?

Well, once upon a time, concert mixing desks featured cassette decks expressly for recording shows, and (lucky for us!) Motörhead was no exception. They meticulously recorded show after show on these cassette things. Unknown to most folks, these tapes containing pure aural gold, rested for years, allegedly, in a cave owned by Lemmy, guarded by tiny, grumpy centurions in Roman armour with small spears.

Luckily Lemmy had given instructions on how to access them written down in an old sketchbook. Many of these dusty little cassettes with names scribbled on tiny labels with a pen, like Malmö, Madrid, Heilbronn, and Norwich, along with a date, came into the light. Thus began the release of this unique collection of live gemstones through carefully digitized transfers in a series titled “The Lost Tapes.”

Five concerts from these historical cassettes showcasing Motörhead’s thunderous journey through decades of live performances have been digitally released. Parts 1 to 4 even received limited vinyl editions. Due to overwhelming demand, the compilation of volumes 1 to 5 is now available as a CD box set, with the latest Volume 5 also pressed on viny (which is also a medium familair to those who understand cassettes!)

“The Lost Tapes” will be released on February 23, 2024. For details be sure to check for exciting news and updates!

TRACKS will be going through these amazing archives and giving a review soon – stay turned!

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