Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons @ Dynamo Werk – Zurich

There can’t be many rock fans out there who don’t know that Phil Campbell was the guitarist for Motörhead from 1984 – 2015, but there are probably many of them who never thought to bother to see him with his 3 sons since then. Well, shame on you! And, actually, shame on me too…

I had no preconceptions for the gig in Zurich, and even less that there would be any Motörhead covers until I checked the set list from previous gigs and was pleasantly surprised. Also, I realised it was in probably one of the tiniest main venues in town, and I was glad I wasn’t the one taking photos tonight.

Well, Mr. Campbell, you and your 3 sons – Todd, Dane and Tyla, plus Joel Peters on vocals, totally blew me away. Why hadn’t I seen you guys before?

There was an energy in the Dynamo Werk that was distinctly lacking this past Friday at the Eric Clapton gig. A good range of ages, and an enthusiasm for good ol’ Rock’n’Roll filled the tiny cavern (yes, a cavern about 5m wide and, at best, 10m deep) that was reflected back from the stage by Joel who gave a great performance and interacted well with the (at a guess 300?) crowd. Well done that man!

Of course, the Motörhead songs were well received (including Iron Fist, Rock Out, Damage Case, Ace of Spades, RAMONES and Over the Top), but equally worthy was the band’s own material.

Phil delivered as you’d expect, banging out the riffs and solos with a chewing gum 1000 yard stare as if he was still in a stadium and not in such a confined space. But a huge shout out to Todd who can hold his own against his old man with some blistering solos. The band was tight as you’d expect with this being the last night of the tour. The only thing I missed, and shame on me for looking at prior set lists, was the final song being Overkill – that would have been the cream. Next time maybe?

I highly recommend you catch these guys on the next go around, you will not be disappointed!

18.10.2022 photos by Urs, review by Ian

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