Greenfield Festival 2023 – Highlights Day 2 (09.06.2023)

Greenfield day two begins at a relatively slow pace. The sun is shining, the temperature is hot and most of the attendees are still fighting hangovers.

The relaxed and laid back atmosphere was accompanied by the punk tunes of Zebrahead, Funeral for a Friend‘s emo along with Coheed and Cambria‘s prog.

But things were to change rapidly and by the time Hatebreed were on stage it was literally raining cats and dogs. Despite the downpour, the crowd went bananas anyway and really got behind the band for their aggressive set. Arch Enemy delivered an equally intense gig fronted by the very charming and charismatic Alyssa.

Finally, Parkway Drive and Sabaton ended the second day, putting the Greenfield Festival under a siege of tons of pyro, flames and bombs!

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