The Vice Rags Hope The Neighbors Are Lookin’

The Vice Rags
Hope The Neighbors Are Lookin’
Mint 400 Records

Es gibt noch Bands, die bitten originell um eine CD-Besprechung:


My name is Gay Elvis and I’m writing on behalf of the New Jersey rock band, “The Vice Rags”. We were once described as, “a breath of fresh Jersey Turnpike air”, and I always thought that was pretty clever. I’ll include a few other more informative choice quotes below. On November 18th, we’ll be releasing our follow up EP on Mint400Records and we would appreciate it if you would help us spread the word.

So you can skip this next part and go right to the links below where you’ll find a link to our upcoming EP, “Midnight Ride”, a video from the studio, as well as a link to our instagram page OR you can read a little further, but I’m warning you…I’m gonna ramble a bit. 

I am not the singer of this band or the songwriter or even the most talented member. I’m just the bass player; however I’ve always been “this” guy in every band I’ve ever been in….I have sent out thousands of emails to press, begging, pleading, bribing and begging some more for reviews. In the past I prided myself on taking the time to write and craft each email to be personal and say something about each particular blog or zine I was writing to.  Thousands of emails, probably as many hours spent writing them and maybe 3 or 4 out of every 50 sent would get back to me with a response…

And I always thought that was a big success, but it recently occurred to me…What if those three or four people were going to respond anyway, regardless of what I wrote? Maybe all of that personal attention had been a waste of time. So this is my experiment…I’m going to copy and paste this same thing 50 times over and see what happens. Nothing personal, but you’re part of the control group. So if I get a response from 3 or 4 or more of you I guess that confirms what my mother has always told me…I’ve been a moron my whole life. If not, well I guess I’ll get back to slogging away at the emails. So please let me know,  is it true, is mother always right? Thank you for your time.


Gay Elvis

Check out these links… (THE VIDEO) (INSTAGRAM) (BANDCAMP)

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